Designed for the West Vancouver Museum to coincide with the tenth anniversary of their popular annual West Coast Modern Home Tour, the From The Inside Out exhibition explores the legacy of several influential artists and architects by showcasing their extraordinary projects alongside artworks and photographs that capture their new forms of architecture and design.

Included in the exhibition are architectural projects by Ned Pratt, B.C. Binning, Fred Hollingsworth, Arthur Erickson, Bruno Freschi, and Zoltan Kiss, as well as works by Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Bill Reid, Len Norris, Egon Eppich, Wayne Ngan, Kawai Kanjiro, and Shoji Hamada, and furniture designed by Ned Pratt, Fred Hollingsworth, and Francisco Kripacz.

branding, graphics, signage, exhibit design, marketing materials


FTIO 01-02

West Coast Modern 02

West Coast Modern 07

West Coast Modern 09

West Coast Modern 08

West Coast Modern 04

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West Coast Modern 03

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West Coast Modern 01

FTIO 01-01