New York City is a visual treat. The City that Never Sleeps has something to offer everyone, and on my recent visit, it offered up a dizzying array of letterforms and signage that I found just as interesting as the characters that inhabit the five boroughs. It felt like there was construction on every block, with an increase of slick, sterile, pre-fabricated letters dominating the streets. However, with urban density dominating Manhattan, typographic gems were everywhere, old & new. Hand lettering is alive and well in New York. Neon lighting is everywhere, thankfully not just in Times Square. Here are a few of my favourites, from the over-the-top visual noise pollution of Times Square, to the over-the-top paranoia of Fallout Shelters.


NYC signage

Explorers Club

Lorenzo's oil

J. Leon Window sign

30 Rock

Fallout Shelter

Its about time


Corner Cafe

Bryant Park

Neon Bar sign

Matt's Grill sign

faded sign on brick

Cyclone roller coaster

Time Square at Night