With the weather finally warming up here in Vancouver, we have been indulging in many picnics. Even though I have been quoted as saying Just because it is sunny, it doesn’t mean you have to go outside, I do enjoy hanging out in the sun and snacking on great food. All the picnics got me thinking about this gem that I recently came across while digging through the vaults. This is my first printed work, back from when I was ten years old; a full page newspaper advertisement for Canada Safeway. The local paper where I grew up decided to hand over control of an entire edition to the students of my elementary school (ballsy!). Look at that hand-rendered typography, so ahead of my time! Easiest project ever, absolutely zero client revisions and no nosey “creative director” looking over my shoulder! My obvious career path was laid out before me.

I still can’t believe they actually ran it.
Enjoy the Sun!


hand typography

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Sorting through the collection of sign photos from my trip to New York City (or I should say Manhattan), it became apparent just how much the street level typography helps define the character of particular neighbourhoods. Even with all the urban renewal steamrolling through the city, obvious attempts have been made to hold onto existing treasures or recreate quintessential typographic elements. Retail giants dominate the advertising and storefronts, and the slick art gallery system and entertainment industry that permeates the city obviously lends a certain polish, but there is a visible amount of hand-crafted work that nicely offsets the corporate gloss. NYC presents a wonderful variety of signs, for all levels of communications. Inspiration is on every street corner. In addition to these, here are some more signs that caught my attention while meandering through the city.


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New York City is a visual treat. The City that Never Sleeps has something to offer everyone, and on my recent visit, it offered up a dizzying array of letterforms and signage that I found just as interesting as the characters that inhabit the five boroughs. It felt like there was construction on every block, with an increase of slick, sterile, pre-fabricated letters dominating the streets. However, with urban density dominating Manhattan, typographic gems were everywhere, old & new. Hand lettering is alive and well in New York. Neon lighting is everywhere, thankfully not just in Times Square. Here are a few of my favourites, from the over-the-top visual noise pollution of Times Square, to the over-the-top paranoia of Fallout Shelters.


NYC signage

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